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The Matrix is top secret. There isn't much that can be said right now.


Anyone who is an enemy of mine, let him love women, but let he who is my friend rejoice in men.

Sextus Propertius

I was hooked by the love story in Pearl Harbor. Believe it or not, I have a really soft heart and I can be sappy.

Michael Bay

We love characters in proportion as they are impulsive and spontaneous.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

You'll NEED someone to love while you're looking for someone TO love.

Selagh Delaney

I also love the makers of South Park, because they're political, strong, and they're making all of these comments that would get you shot for if you did it in a drama.

Michelle Rodriguez

No way, because there's love relationships, there's sex relationships and then there's the band.

Ann Wilson

Acting is something I love.

Rod Taylor

In love there are things --- bodies and words.

Joyce Carol Oates

Love is a chain of love as nature is a chain of life.

Truman Capote

Now I also discipline myself to do things I love to do when I don't want to do them.

Edward James Olmos

They who love dancing too much seem to have more brains in their feet than in their head.


It is probably not love that makes the world go around, but rather those mutually supportive alliances through which partners recognize their dependence on each other for the achievement of shared and private goals.

Fred Allen

When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love.

Franz Schubert

Happy are those who dare courageously to defend what they love.


Love is never defeated, and I could add, the history of Ireland proves it.

Pope John Paul II

Love has no errors, for all errors are the want for love.

William Law

You can't find the sound if you just love sleep.

Dennis Brown

Love in its essence is spiritual fire.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca
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