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Players like to know that they've discovered things that even the designers didn't know were in the game.

Will Wright

Our dilemma is that we hate change and love it at the same time; what we really want is for things to remain the same but get better.

Sydney J. Harris

I'm really influenced by so many different things.

Alex Winter

I don't care about the money. I just need, as an actor, to do as many different things that I can to make me feel good about myself.

David Morse

I try to find little things that you can do to move the song along and things that serve the song.

Benmont Tench

No: war material is life-saving for one's own people and whoever works and performs in these spheres can be proud of it; here enterprise as a whole finds its highest justification of existence.

Gustav Krupp

Surely a long life must be somewhat tedious, since we are forced to call in so many trifling things to help rid us of our time, which will never return.

Samuel Johnson

Few cases of eyestrain have been developed by looking on the bright side of things.

Author Unknown

Truth is in things, and not in words.

Herman Melville

So you can't lose serving God, and that all things work together for good.

Jim Bakker

One of the things that I am happy about in my life as an artist is that I am not considered a Hispanic artist.

Andres Serrano

The Gentiles used to wonder at us because we cared so much about religious things about food and Sabbath and teaching the children Hebrew.

Mary Antin

With optimism, you look upon the sunny side of things. People say, 'Studs, you're an optimist.' I never said I was an optimist. I have hope because what's the alternative to hope? Despair? If you have despair, you might as well put your head in the oven.

Studs Terkel

The tendency of democracies is, in all things, to mediocrity, since the tastes, knowledge, and principles of the majority form the tribunal of appeal.

James F. Cooper

Everything's very perfectly balanced; for all the horrible things in the world there's lots of good things.

John Frusciante

It is even more so when it comes to Iraq, which is a large Arab country with scientific, material, and human resources and is able to accomplish, at the least, what Lebanon accomplished, and more.

Bashar al-Assad

So many things can drive you mad as a child, not only music.

Itzhak Perlman

That's what I feel Suicide has been put here for, ya know? To shake things up a little bit and give people information.

Alan Vega

I don't buy the tabloids, but you're surrounded by it all and people tell you things they've read. I'd be sitting on a train looking over someone's shoulder and thinking: That's familiar... oh my God, it's me.

Francesca Annis

Strange things blow in through my window on the wings of the night wind and I don't worry about my destiny.

Carl Sandburg
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