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It's interesting: The iPod has been out for three years, and it's only this past year it's become a raging success.

Kevin Rollins

I'm not a Hollywood basher because enough good movies come out of the Hollywood system every year to justify its existence, without any apologies.

Quentin Tarantino

I was taught to think the next week or month or year will only get better than it is today. So I just keep waiting to see hoe great it will get!

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Everybody has something to prove each year. Everybody has a responsibility in this game. Even the batboy.

David Ortiz

When I'm performing for the people, I am me, then. I am that little girl who, when she was five years old, used to sing at church. Or I'm that 15-year-old young lady who wanted to be grown and wanted to sing and couldn't wait to be smokin' a cigarette, you know?

Etta James

The fancy term for what America has squandered in the past year and a half or so is legitimacy.

Todd Gitlin

God, he deals you blows that at sometimes you think you can't handle and in the last year there have been things that we thought we couldn't handle but we've dealt with it up until this point.

Brett Favre

Right now I'm a freshman in my fourth year at U.C.L.A., but my goal is to become a veternarian, 'cause I love children.

Julie Brown

For one year I did go to Performing Arts School, and I had very weird friends.

Christina Milian

We are scheduled to meet this year fewer days than any Congress since at least 1948. And that is even before I was born. So far, we are in the 123rd day of this year, and yet we have only had 26 voting days in this body. That is a shame.

Jim Cooper

Virgin Records will probably release their own package sometime next year.

Paula Abdul

Each age has deemed the new-born year the fittest time for festal cheer.

Walter Scott

I left halfway through my third year to start Lipstick On Your Collar, which was the first thing I ever did.

Ewan McGregor

The oath of renunciation and allegiance is a solemn vow taken by thousands of immigrants each year to become a United States citizen. The oath is the fundamental statement of allegiance to the United States, and this allegiance is what unites America.

Jim Ryun

With tens of thousands of patients dying every year from preventable medical errors, it is imperative that we embrace available technologies and drastically improve the way medical records are handled and processed.

Jon Porter

We sued the producers of the show for four years in a row. One year they put out a Lassie doll with my picture on it and paid me no royalties.

Tommy Rettig

I still picture myself as that 23-year-old girl who walked in here, had never been on TV before; and managed somehow to get through the first day.

Erika Slezak

About the twenty-third year of my age, I had many fresh and heavenly openings, in respect to the care and providence of the Almighty over his creatures in general, and over man as the most noble amongst those which are visible.

John Woolman

From there I did a one year theatre acting course in Fife, and then three years of drama school in London.

Ewan McGregor

We spend millions of dollars per year supplying more than adequate meals and a Koran to every detainee along with a prayer rug that meets their religious standards.

Bill Shuster
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