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My life, my career has been like a roller coaster. I've either been an enormous success or just a down-and-out failure.

Judy Garland

The meaning of the Street in all ways and at all times is the need for sharing life with others and the search for community.

Virginia Hamilton

To regard the imagination as metaphysics is to think of it as part of life, and to think of it as part of life is to realize the extent of artifice. We live in the mind.

Wallace Stevens

At a moment that comes rarely in the life of a country. It is a time when destiny is ours to hold.

Paul Martin

Being famous hasn't made my life any easier. Every minute I'm dealing with the baby-sitters is one more minute I'm not training.

Hermann Maier

Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive.

Elbert Hubbard

The Constitution guarantees us our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's all. It doesn't guarantee our rights to charity.

Jesse Ventura

Nixon was the most dishonest individual I have ever met in my life. He lied to his wife, his family, his friends, his colleagues in the Congress, lifetime members of his own political party, the American people and the world.

Barry Goldwater

Money makes life easier but I don't want to be rich, not at all.

Cathy Freeman

I've gotten very good at scheduling my life, scheduling the scene and preparing myself for knowing, saving the energy, consuming the energy, knowing when to go for it and having the available reserves to be able to do that. You have to think about that, because it's endurance.

Tom Cruise

My life before children I don't really remember. I've heard references to it, but I really don't remember.

John Malkovich

I think I spent all my life in gymnastics. And if you will ask me I want to change something in your past life, no. I will go same.

Olga Korbut

I wish I could remember where I put things. I spend half my life looking for my keys. With the other half I look for my glasses.

Sara Paretsky

Life stinks, but that doesn't mean you don't enjoy it.

Dustin Hoffman

No man was ever so completely skilled in the conduct of life, as not to receive new information from age and experience.

Jonathan Swift

I cannot say to be glad or not glad to be on Everest. It is my life. I have opportunity to be here, so I am here.

Anatoli Boukreev

Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.

Bertrand Russell

Life is to entered upon with courage.

Alexis de Tocqueville

I am more weary of life, I think, than ever I was.

David Brainerd

Bad Company is not a priority in his life, and it's always been in my life. When it's not there, I haven't got a lot going for me.

Mick Ralphs
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