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I rose -- because He sank --
I thought it would be opposite --
But when his power dropped --
My Soul grew straight.

I cheered my fainting Prince --
I sang firm -- even -- Chants --
I helped his Film -- with Hymn --

And when the Dews drew off
That held his Forehead stiff --
I met him --
Balm to Balm --

I told him Best -- must pass
Through this low Arch of Flesh --
No Casque so brave
It spurn the Grave --

I told him Worlds I knew
Where Emperors grew --
Who recollected us
If we were true --

And so with Thews of Hymn --
And Sinew from within --
And ways I knew not that I knew -- till then --
I lifted Him --

Emily Dickinson

The most pathetic thing I do
Is play I hear from you --
I make believe until my Heart
Almost believes it too
But when I break it with the news
You knew it was not true
I wish I had not broken it --
Goliah -- so would you --

Emily Dickinson

That odd old man is dead a year --
We miss his stated Hat.
'Twas such an evening bright and stiff
His faded lamp went out.

Who miss his antiquated Wick --
Are any hoar for him?
Waits any indurated mate
His wrinkled coming Home?

Oh Life, begun in fluent Blood
And consummated dull!
Achievement contemplating thee --
Feels transitive and cool.

Emily Dickinson

He ate and drank the precious Words --
His Spirit grew robust --
He knew no more that he was poor,
Nor that his frame was Dust --

He danced along the dingy Days
And this Bequest of Wings
Was but a Book -- What Liberty
A loosened spirit brings --

Emily Dickinson

The Life we have is very great.
The Life that we shall see
Surpasses it, we know, because
It is Infinity.
But when all Space has been beheld
And all Dominion shown
The smallest Human Heart's extent
Reduces it to none.

Emily Dickinson

The Auctioneer of Parting
His "Going, going, gone"
Shouts even from the Crucifix,
And brings his Hammer down --
He only sells the Wilderness,
The prices of Despair
Range from a single human Heart
To Two -- not any more --

Emily Dickinson

Of Course -- I prayed

Of Course -- I prayed --
And did God Care?
He cared as much as on the Air
A Bird -- had stamped her foot --
And cried "Give Me" --
My Reason -- Life --
I had not had -- but for Yourself --
'Twere better Charity
To leave me in the Atom's Tomb --
Merry, and Nought, and gay, and numb --
Than this smart Misery.

Emily Dickinson

We do not know the time we lose --
The awful moment is
And takes its fundamental place
Among the certainties --

A firm appearance still inflates
The card -- the chance -- the friend --
The spectre of solidities
Whose substances are sand --

Emily Dickinson

A Coffin -- is a small Domain,
Yet able to contain
A Citizen of Paradise
In it diminished Plane.

A Grave -- is a restricted Breadth --
Yet ampler than the Sun --
And all the Seas He populates
And Lands He looks upon

To Him who on its small Repose
Bestows a single Friend --
Circumference without Relief --
Or Estimate -- or End --

Emily Dickinson

If I shouldn't be alive
When the Robins come,
Give the one in Red Cravat,
A Memorial crumb.

If I couldn't thank you,
Being fast asleep,
You will know I'm trying
Why my Granite lip!

Emily Dickinson

By such and such an offering
To Mr. So and So,
The web of live woven --
So martyrs albums show!

Emily Dickinson

How sick -- to wait -- in any place -- but thine

How sick -- to wait -- in any place -- but thine --
I knew last night -- when someone tried to twine --
Thinking -- perhaps -- that I looked tired -- or alone --
Or breaking -- almost -- with unspoken pain --

And I turned -- ducal --
That right -- was thine --
One port -- suffices -- for a Brig -- like mine --

Ours be the tossing -- wild though the sea --
Rather than a Mooring -- unshared by thee.
Ours be the Cargo -- unladed -- here --
Rather than the "spicy isles --"
And thou -- not there --

Emily Dickinson

A Spider sewed at Night
Without a Light
Upon an Arc of White.

If Ruff it was of Dame
Or Shroud of Gnome
Himself himself inform.

Of Immortality
His Strategy
Was Physiognomy.

Emily Dickinson

Water makes many Beds
For those averse to sleep --
Its awful chamber open stands --
Its Curtains blandly sweep --
Abhorrent is the Rest
In undulating Rooms
Whose Amplitude no end invades --
Whose Axis never comes.

Emily Dickinson

To the bright east she flies,
Brothers of Paradise
Remit her home,
Without a change of wings,
Or Love's convenient things,
Enticed to come.

Fashioning what she is,
Fathoming what she was,
We deem we dream --
And that dissolves the days
Through which existence strays
Homeless at home.

Emily Dickinson

The Life that tied too tight escapes
Will ever after run
With a prudential look behind
And spectres of the Rein --
The Horse that scents the living Grass
And sees the Pastures smile
Will be retaken with a shot
If he is caught at all --

Emily Dickinson

Of the Heart that goes in, and closes the Door
Shall the Playfellow Heart complain
Though the Ring is unwhole, and the Company broke
Can never be fitted again?

Emily Dickinson

Because my Brook is fluent
I know 'tis dry --
Because my Brook is silent
It is the Sea --

And startled at its rising
I try to flee
To where the Strong assure me
Is "no more Sea" --

Emily Dickinson

A Murmur in the Trees -- to note

A Murmur in the Trees -- to note --
Not loud enough -- for Wind --
A Star -- not far enough to seek --
Nor near enough -- to find --

A long -- long Yellow -- on the Lawn --
A Hubbub -- as of feet --
Not audible -- as Ours -- to Us --
But dapperer -- More Sweet --

A Hurrying Home of little Men
To Houses unperceived --
All this -- and more -- if I should tell --
Would never be believed --

Of Robins in the Trundle bed
How many I espy
Whose Nightgowns could not hide the Wings --
Although I heard them try --

But then I promised ne'er to tell --
How could I break My Word?
So go your Way -- and I'll go Mine --
No fear you'll miss the Road.

Emily Dickinson

Reverse cannot befall
That fine Prosperity
Whose Sources are interior --
As soon -- Adversity

A Diamond -- overtake
In far -- Bolivian Ground --
Misfortune hath no implement
Could mar it -- if it found --

Emily Dickinson